Friday, May 7, 2010

Moose & Long Drives

Hello, Springtime! I drove to Vermont (again) last week. It takes 5 hours to get there, and although it's pretty, I do get bored. I take pictures while I'm driving, and they're fun to look at later. This time, I stopped in Bennington on the way home. Bennington, if you've never been, is an artsy little town in southern Vermont, with large moose sculptures in various places around the downtown area.

The sculptures are painted and decorated by talented artists for the annual Moosefest celebration to benefit charity. I've made a couple of photo collages; the one with the blue moose and silly photos of my cousin and me is from winter 2008; the other one is from this week. You can see more of these amazing moose sculptures here:

In jewelry-related news, I've just finished a rather labor-intensive pair of earrings for an Etsy buyer's beach wedding in Key West- neat! And I'm working on developing a collection of bridal jewelry for my Etsy shop.

Off and on, I've been experimenting with resin and leaves/flowers/photos. I want to make tiny pendants, but so far only a few have come out perfect. It's trial and error, but I'm hoping to spend some time tomorrow collecting flowers to press.

More musings to come soon; I'm feeling creative lately. I hope everyone is having a happy and productive spring season!

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  1. Love the moose!! We have pigs around our town in Michigan, they are so fun to look at! Good luck on your new adventure in jewelry making. It is always fun to try new things!