Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy New Year... {sale on etsy}

Hello! I'm back. And it's been less than three months (not bad, right?) I'm signing in here to wish everyone a happy new year. What are your resolutions? I have a few; most of my promises this year are centered around taking better care of myself- body, mind, and spirit. I made a real List in hopes of actually reaching my goals.

We had a beautiful snowfall a couple days ago- it was the light, fluffy kind of snow where you can see the individual snowflakes. It stuck to the trees, creating a pretty winter wonderland effect.

I created a sale in my Etsy shop in honor of the snow and the hope for a happy and productive new year. To take advantage of the sale, type in "snowstorm" in the coupon code box at checkout, and Etsy will automatically take 15% off your entire order. I'm only advertising it here and on Facebook. This will be in effect until Jan. 14th.

Happy New Year!

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